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I am married to my wonderful husband William Nolan and together we have two little boys, Liam (3) and Jude (1). We live in Buffalo, NY where William is wrapping up his final year of medical residency as an OBGYN. I am an attorney and yoga teacher, but have spent the past 3 years as a stay at home mama to my boys and creating a space for moms to connect about the every days of mom life. I am a trained Fertility Awareness Method Instructor in the Creighton Method of Fertility Awareness and am passionate in sharing this knowledge with other women. When I'm not mom-ing, cleaning up the millionth mess of the day, or working on creative projects, I love reading, listening to podcasts, taking long walks, thrifting, and baking. 


how it started...

When Liam was born I was a new mom, living in a new city, with no family or support system and realized very quickly if I was going to survive on this journey of motherhood I needed to create and rely on a group of mothers who were going through the same things. As time went on I realized how important it was connecting with other moms and how much those connections mean when you are down in the thick of it. While social media is a beautiful tool for connection it can also be isolating and difficult. You you are flooded with the highlight reels of moms who seem to "have it all figured out" and overwhelmed with endless parenting advice from the "experts". The truth is that oftentimes mothers just want to be met exactly where they are at, down in the trenches, using practical everyday "non-expert" and certainly not "picture perfect" tools to navigate raising littles.


the podcast...

Alas, Carl Her Mommy, A Podcast About Motherhood was created. The intention of the podcast is to put a voice to the everyday moms, the ones who don't have it all figured out, the ones whose homes may not look photoshoot ready, but that are doing the best they can each day. This is not a space to have all the expert answers, but to connect about the highs and lows of motherhood and use some humor to get by. We will be covering everything from leaky boobs & postpartum mental health, to how to make mom friends. We get candid, be ourselves, and feel less alone in the isolating moments of motherhood. Carlie became passionate about using humor and relatability to share about the highs and lows of motherhood through her TikTok posts, Instagram account, and most dear to her heart, in candid conversations on the podcast. 

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