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Ready to get to know and honor your body in a more natural and intimate way? Dealing with women's health issues like acne, cramps, or PMS? Looking to feel your best and live in sync with your body's natural rhythm? Considering starting a family and want to make your fertility a priority? This call is for you! We will discuss how to identify your personal biomarkers and signs of fertility so you can learn where you are in your cycle, we will discuss each of the four phases of the menstrual cycle, and which foods/lifestyle changes you can make to support each of those four phases. 

Quick and Dirty

1hr  |  $45

We will discuss the "Quick and Dirty" must haves to understanding where you are at in your cycle using your individual biomarkers, then discuss foods/lifestyle changes that will support those phases. Includes an easy to use PDF print out of fast facts for cycle syncing. 

The Deep Dive

1hr 15 mins  |  $75

We will chat about your personal health goals and how cycle synching can help you achieve your goals, we will go over identifying your signs of fertility, and we will discuss the diet and lifestyle changes that will support your cycle. This includes a fast facts for cycle syncing PDF and a PDF with my go to recipes/sample meal plan for each phase of the cycle. 

Custom Consulting

Need something more custom to your needs? Let me know where you're struggling and what your personal goals are so we can set up a call addressing exactly what you need. 

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