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Updated: May 2, 2022

As a mom of two, I know how wild the newborn stage of motherhood can be. Of course it is filled with the sweetest moments -- meeting your baby, the way they smell, the snuggles, their precious tiny hands and feet, but there are things about it that can be challenging too. The sleepless nights, moments of fussiness when you just cannot figure out what's wrong, major blowouts, and endless spit up -- it is a lot. Here are the top five baby care items that help me get through the early weeks. (Stay tuned for the next blog post where I will be sharing my postpartum must-haves that helped me through the postpartum stage).

1) Sound Machine

Why? This helps your baby to drown out other noises that might wake them up and also acts as a sleep cue, when they hear the sound they will associate it with being time to sleep which will help them establish sleep patterns.

2) Swaddles - Specifically, the Sleeppea Swaddle

Why? This one has an interior velcro that helps you to get your baby's arms securely at their sides and a second layer zipper to keep them snug. It is SO easy to use, we tried tons with our boys and in the early weeks this is crucial. It helps them feel safe and secure like they did in the womb and it keeps their sleep twitches from waking them up.

3) Baby Carrier/Baby Wearer

Why? Your baby wants to be close to you. They are still just adjusting to the world outside of your body and wearing them makes them feel safe and connected to you. The skin on skin is so sweet for bonding and on top of that, it is just super functional. When you are wearing your baby you can be hands free to get things done.

4) Cozy Footie Pajamas (with Zippers)

Why? In the early days with baby you really don't need to be dressing them in full outfits, they spend most of their time sleeping and typically in the sacred slow first weeks you aren't going out and about in any case. I love button footies and use those as well, but in the very early days zipper footies are easy to get on and off especially for the late night diaper changes.

Bonus Mom Hack: Some brands even zip from the feet upwards (ex. Cloud Island at Target does this) if you can find those & combine them with the Sleepea Swaddle which also zips from feet up you are able to keep their arms still securely in their swaddle for quick middle of the night diaper changes with minimal disruption to the baby!

5) Baby Play Mat/Baby Seat

Why? You will want someplace safe to set your baby down when you are cooking dinner etc. and having a baby play mat will give them a place for tummy time/playtime. A baby seat will give them something you can strap them into safely when you need to set them down and they want to be upright.

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